Drinking (and Stinking)

February 5, 2009 at 9:29 am (Uncategorized)

Some people wonder when was the longest hour of my entire life. Well, after a completely and utterly boring lecture yesterday, some of my friends decided to go to the pub across the road. Of course, I decided to go as well, enjoying their company. Walk in, sit down, relax. The latter has to be a lie – I was so bored and uncomfortable it was unbearable.

Basically I feel the “local” culture of Britain should be reserved for men undergoing a mid-life crisis. The whole atmosphere felt incredibly dirty with stained fabrics, curtains and carpets that have seen better days. The air was filled with the disgusting aroma of cheap beer, and the noise of louts pouring it down their throats. I have to say that it wasn’t much better at the table we sat around either – for some reason it turned from an interesting conversation into the most boring drone-a-thon ever.

Beer seems to make Computer Science students into Uber-geeks. I joined the course as I think on the Application rather than Core Mechanics. So you can guess that the intricacies of one’s code listings isn’t exactly the most interesting thing in the world. Been stuck with the now-geeks and the atmosphere intimidating, I felt alone. Lost in a Hellhole where I would never fit in. Obviously and Thankfully though, the topic changed when the food arrived. And it got worse.

After seeing what they were eating, i’ve decided to go Vegetarian. The steak was raw and bloody, and they had covered it in sauce so you couldn’t taste the meat. Maybe gourmets eat it that way, but I found it quite odd to avoid the taste of the meat altogether. The sight and smell of the disasterpiece Bessie the Cow became made me feel incredibly ill. Unable to take it, I excused myself and left quickly, leaving my Pepsi half-finished.

Outside I breathed in fresh air as I waited for the bus. I felt like an old man having to go into hell like one of those Pubs. After what seemed like forever, I arrived at the City Centre and hit the Coffee House. Once the Espresso hit my tastebuds, everything felt better. Lying back in the chair while feeling the sunlight through the windows, I felt like the Teenager I am again. Been stuck in that hellhole had drained my energy, and feeling the sunlight made it all better.

So what is the result of my experience? Vegetarianism, a liking to fresh air, and a note to never head into a Bar or Pub ever again. Feeling out of place isn’t exactly the thing I like to be.

(Note: My friends, this isn’t a knock at you. You are all awesome and very good fun to have around. Its just that I have a different idea of Fun, I guess)


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