Review: “Death From the Skies”

March 15, 2009 at 9:54 am (Uncategorized)

Recently I wrote a damning review of a story on a Forum which was absolutely terrible. Because I haven’t posted for a while (and the review in question is rather humorous), i’ve reposted it here for your enjoyment.

I must first say well done on the basics. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation is perfect, and now the paragraphs have been properly inserted, its easy enough to read.

And that is all that is good about the story.

This piece really is the “Battlefield Earth” of Erotic Stories, and is ultimately one of the worst pieces of fiction I have read. The reasoning? It is just so goddamn boring. There is no pacing involved at all: paragraphs are spent harping on about a person’s autobiography before any events take place (within a short time frame). The descriptions are over-extended and read more like a Chemistry Textbook than a story. The storyline itself is made up of random anecdotes sewn together. Characters interact with each other without warning, and explanations have been left out entirely.

I referred to “Battlefield Earth” as I placed it in comparison to L. Ron Hubbard’s Science Fiction disasterpiece. It simply makes a statement for itself through what it features rather than the structure itself. What we are in for is a incredibly boring read-through where it takes ages to get to anything remotely exciting or interesting. The story is almost as long as Battlefield Earth itself: the entire size of it is way too big to make itself known as an Erotic Story. Most of the space is wasted, with details and bullet points pasted in just to increase the page count. Listening to a Used Car Salesman speak for 3 hours about Fuel Economy is more enjoyable, and just as intellectually motivating.

So in review? This is without a doubt the worst Erotic Story I have ever read. Sure, it may have better language than the horrors written in Script seen on the forums, but at least those are more interesting.



  1. Hurrdurr said,

    You can’t (re)post a scathing review of something without giving us a link to the item in question so we can see just how bad it really is šŸ˜¦

    • Silvergunner, One Twisted Kitten said,

      Simply put, its on that Disaster they call WWOEC. Right at the back of the Guest Author’s section. And when I mean bad I mean awful. Its as unreadable as the transcripts of Dubya’s speeches, and is as disgusting as the contents of the FATAL Pen-and-Paper RPG. Seriously, its completely and utterly sick with Necrophillia and N/C taking place every 30 seconds. I figure the writer wanted a “sexy” ripoff of SAW, judging by what i’ve read.

      Okay. If you can stomach it, here it is. If you want something equally bad but more humourous and less bloody, try out the Blueberry disaster.

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