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We’ve all watched Blue Peter when we were younger, and seen the arts-and-crafts projects they demonstrate. I never thought i’d ever have to use the skills I learnt on the program in my adult career. Well, it seems that those skills actually did become useful last night, when I came up with an idea to make life brighter.

I carry a Notebook around with me a lot of the time – its a lot more convenient than dragging a Laptop. However, the covers are rather dull and fail to stand out. A lot of people tend to make their work stand out by buying notebooks with special covers for an extortionate price. However as none of the designs were – make my own covers.

So how did I make them? Simple. I did the following…

  1. Re-size an image to A5 (half A4) and print out on Photo Paper. I printed two on one sheet of A4, and cut them out.
  2. Trim image to the right size by using a Paper Trimmer (preferred and accurate) or a pair of Scissors (messy, but cheap and easy).
  3. Spread Glue (I used a Glue-Stick) on top of the Notebook’s front cover. Add quite a bit – it needs to stick down firmly.
  4. Spread Glue on the corners of the picture.
  5. Position and push down picture on top of the cover, and smooth all around the sides by rubbing your finger against.
  6. Place a heavy-ish weight on top (a hardback book same size will do) and leave to dry for 5 minutes.

Simple and easy to do – considering my printer takes 45 seconds to print the page, it took me around 2 minutes per notebook (excluding drying time). The result is a semi-professional look and the joy of standing out from the crowd of boring Notebooks.

Okay, maybe its not as exciting as other art projects, but you can’t complain having the Furry Bomb series covers…

Edit: Pictures removed due to TOS on Photobucket


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