Silvergunner vs. Bidoof – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

August 20, 2008 at 3:06 pm (Nintendo) (, , , , )

Okay, its a little behind the times. But no-one can deny that the Pokemon games are damn good fun. Of course, they get a bit tricky after a while, which is why for the good of players, i’m giving a few hints which will help you on your journey to get all 450+ monsters.

  • A really clever guy named Eevee (who is one of the FA and AGNPH coders) has made a website detailing all of the Pokemon’s technical details. Its really worth looking, as the move lists and stats of each monster are a great help.
  • The easiest way to raise a low-level pokemon in a team is to have them pop out first in a battle, then switch immediately to a stronger monster. The result is that although the stronger monster takes the attack, the weaker one gets vital experience points at the end as well. You can use the EXP Share, but the drop in EXP is too prohibitive really.
  • Ultra Balls are absolutely useless. Best way to catch is Dusk Balls, as during the night you get 4x the effect of the Ultra Ball. When you have monsters above Level 50 however, its worth using the Quick Ball for monsters under Level 20. Both cost 1000 credits each.
  • To clone a monster through breeding, use a Ditto along with your chosen monster. The result will always be the other one. Also, Legendaries cannot be bred, sadly.
  • Unless you are a pokemon catcher, skip all special effect moves and focus on ones which do massive amounts of damage. Remember, the more damage, the more frags, the more experience points.

Thats about it really, apart from my friend code – 0473-7401-3752. If you want to trade or battle, let me know via IM. Enjoy, everyone (apart from the Bidoof… 20 billion and still they keep coming…)


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